What to Do When You Are Not a Morning Person

What to Do When You Are Not a Morning Person

Regardless of how much you may love your job, sometimes when the alarm goes off, the thought of getting out of bed can be daunting. This can be is normal response occasionally, but if it begins to become common place you may want to incorporate some strategies to help you ‘get it together’ in the morning:

  • Ensure that you have a reliable alarm clock. It may be an ‘old school’ model or you can create an alarm schedule on your mobile device. Regardless, setting it on a dresser on the other side of the room is the best way to avoid being enticed by the infamous Snooze button.
  • Leave your blinds or curtains open so that the light can help to wake you up. It is easy to extend your slumber in a dark room.
  • Have a buddy system and ask someone to give you an additional wake up prompt in the morning.
  • Set your radio on a timer.
  • Prepare your lunch and layout your clothes the night before.
  • Have an evening routine that includes shutting off all electronics well before bedtime. Find a good book or other passive activity that allows you to easily wind down from your day.
  • Avoid exercise just before bed. While focusing on healthy habits is good, high levels of activity even a few hours before bed may leave you energized and make sleep difficult.
  • Have a regular bedtime. If you are a ‘night owl’ try backing up your bedtime 15 minutes per night until your schedule allows for a good 7-8 hours’ sleep.
  • Consider transferring to another shift or another position to compliment your built in circadian rhythm.
  • If you are utilizing public transportation, ensure that you are at the bus stop in plenty of time. If the timing is tight for your job, you may want to consider taking an earlier bus to avoid the added stress associated with delays.
  • Research the ‘anticipated’ weather forecast the night before to ensure that you have appropriate clothing prepared and give yourself the allotted time for additional traffic and/or road conditions.
  • Give yourself enough time for morning routines including eating breakfast, reading news articles, dropping the kids off at day care, visiting the gym, scraping ice off your car, or anything that may slow you down from arriving at your destination on time.
  • Expect the unexpected. If your morning starts off as a disaster, let your employer know immediately if you will be late. Keeping the lines of communication open is crucial to ensure success on the job.

The reality is, you could be the most skilled worker in the world but if you are not reliable, you may be expendable. Don’t let your personal habits stop you from ‘shining’ in the workplace.

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