You Have Graduated From High School – Now What?

To say that deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life before age 18 is difficult is an understatement. With an ever changing labour market, it is predicted that by 2020 many of the careers that will be lucrative do not even exist yet. In addition, we have seen an emerging pattern of multiple careers over one’s work lifetime. What that means is the work life your parents knew with full time, permanent, lifetime positions with benefits and a company pension plan is not the vocational landscape of today. Yet, due to the changes in the world of work, there are also more opportunities to land international jobs, work in the gig economy, pursue careers related to innovation, or develop your entrepreneurial spirit by finding unique ways to solve current problems.
That being said, you may now find yourself at a crossroad attempting to identify whether employment, post-secondary education, apprenticeship, volunteerism or travel is the next step for you. We have devised a checklist of recommendations and resources to help you with this decision.

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A Gig Economy Survival Guide

The gig economy is not new, but it is gaining in popularity.  The reasons for its growth according to a June 2018 US based Forbes article(1) are:

  • There is a growing “education gap”.
  • Attitudes toward work are changing.Workers want more freedom with their schedules, and work location.
  • Employers are utilizing freelancers more often due to cost savings.
  • Technology has advanced, and costs have come down making hardware, software and connectivity more affordable.
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Things You Can Still Do When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

As Canadians we brace ourselves annually for the frigid winter months. When employed or in training, we force ourselves to bundle up and forge on. However, when unemployed; it may be a little more difficult to muster up the energy and motivation to face the elements especially given that the result could possibly be a rejection. If minus 40 degrees is not your thing, there are many activities you can still pursue to keep you in the zone while keeping warm as well. Check out this video for great ideas on how to maintain your job search activity during a harsh winter.

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A Lil Piece of EPC History

As I celebrate 25 years working at EPC, I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone by. Starting twelve years after the organization opened its’ doors, I was present for a significant transition whereby our youth employment counselling center became a one-stop resource for job seekers of all ages. However, his story is not about me or EPC but instead focused on the founder of this progressive, client-centered not-for-profit organization, Bill O’Byrne. If you don’t believe that one person can make a dramatic impact on an entire community, I urge you to read on.

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Pros & Cons of Cold Calls & Information Interviews

When looking for work, we know that only 10-20% of the jobs are advertised, leaving a substantial amount of potential positions in the hidden market. When considering how to best access those opportunities, employing cold calls and networking strategies can be very effective.

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Gearing up for the New Year

At this time of year, many people are gearing down from other activities as they prepare for the holidays. “I will get back on track in the new year” is a common phrase used by many. Yet the holiday season can provide excellent opportunities for networking as we attend events where we may not have seen people for a very long time. This gives us the opportunity to have a conversation in a more relaxed setting.

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Tips for Working from Home (during COVID-19)

As many businesses become closed to the public, we find ourselves in an unfamiliar world. While working from home is not by any means a new concept, mandated business closures create unique challenges. Having solid strategies to deal with confidentiality, client rapport and support, effective communication and time management allows us to maintain business operations during difficult times.

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"She Made Me Feel Like I\u2019m a Shining Star"

When Hayley Burnett came to EPC seeking assistance with her job search, she already had prior experience working with employment agencies. This had not always been a positive situation for her and, while often offered access to workshops, what Hayley knew she really needed was an advocate.

As a graduate of the Child and Youth Worker Program at Centennial College, she had been seeking long term employment in her field of study since 2014. Dealing with the challenges associated with having a physical disability, she felt she had been struggling with stereotypes including employer concerns regarding potential health costs, her level of independence, and productivity.

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